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For over 20 years I have worked as a self employed designer and software engineer with a focus on the Microsoft stack. I work with my clients to take their ideas from conception all the way to final delivery. I have started three businesses which provides me the unique opportunity to see things from both the business and development perspectives.





Client Name

"Tyler's results oriented focus has enabled us to progress on two important projects at a rate that would have been difficult otherwise. Tyler is easy and enjoyable to work with. There's no scenario whereby working with Tyler would not be a positive experience. He's helped me tremendously in a very short period of time."

Scott F.

Client Name

"Tyler is phenomenal to work with. He's got a wealth of knowledge, born of real-world experience as a professional developer. He's helped me with tooling, best practices, code reviews, architecture issues and more. Best of all, he's great at listening to questions, understanding the question(s) being asked, and explaining things in a digestible, easy to learn manner. I highly recommend working with him, regardless of your skill level."

John H.

Client Name

"I have been working with Tyler once a week now for about a month, and have been thrilled with my experience so far. Tyler is not only an extremely talented programmer, but also has a teaching style that is engaging and easy to follow. He will take into account exactly what you want to accomplish, and work together with you to find the best way to achieve that goal, teaching the best practices along the way. With Tyler, you get the sense that he really cares about helping you learn effectively, and has a true passion for programming."

Steve K.

Client Name

"Tyler's teaching style is quite unique. He makes you do the coding (instead of making you follow his). At first, he tells you to code what would generate an error, then asks you why you think the error was generated, then asks you to correct it. That way, you know what is wrong and why. He has a lot of patience and explains things very clearly. He has a knack for teaching and I'm scheduling more courses with him."

Mark K.

Client Name

"Tyler was great to mentor with, he listened patiently to the issues I was experiencing and assisted me through them. I will absolutely use Tyler again and I've already added him to my favourites list."

Lee H.

Client Name

"Tyler is very helpful in explaining the what and why, while writing Blazor code. He is excellent with attention to detail."

Asim K.


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